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Our Teachers

All of our talented teachers have undergone at least 200 hours of high level yoga teacher training...some far beyond that! We pride ourselves on bringing professional, compassionate, high quality yoga to each and every one of our yoga students.

Leah Morgan- Owner


Leah began her yoga journey as a student many years ago out of a curiosity. Wondering what all the fuss was about, she rolled out a mat at a local health club and gave it a shot. With that first class she started down a path of yoga that ultimately led to Leah becoming a 200-hour+ trained yoga teacher. Studying with inspiring yoga leaders Leah has honed her unique style, which is a fusion of breathing, alignment, honoring your body, living in the moment and having fun.


These are Leah’s second and third yoga studios, having sold her first one in Lee’s Summit in 2010. She is also the co-creator of the Kansas City Yoga Festival and the Kansas City Yoga Teacher Training program.


Whether your goal is to begin or grow a practice, increase your strength and flexibility, learn how to control stress, or become a part of an amazing local community, Leah can help you achieve these goals. In turn, you can begin building a more independent and productive lifestyle. She believes that the sense of peace and transformation that a yoga practice can bring will astound you. Click HERE to learn about consulting and corporate programs.

vanessa head 2019 edit.jpg
Vanessa Barrett


Vanessa Barrett has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She started out as a yoga group exercise instructor at the YMCA then later completed her 200 hour teacher training with the well known Gina Caputo. Vanessa says her teaching style and personal practice has been forever changed from this training. Her energetic classes are taught with intention and meant to influence personal growth on and off the mat. Classes will include breathwork, bits of yogic philosophy and always a touch of humor. Her desire is for students to use their yoga practice to connect on a deeper level to their authentic self and to discover much more than just a pose while they are in class. Seeing students become aware of their unlimited potential is what inspires her to become a better yoga teacher.

When Vanessa is not in the yoga studio you can find her at the gym, walking her furball Pepper, spending time with friends and family, cooking with her hubby of 25 years, or cheering on her daughter, who is a teacher and a model.

stacy head edit.jpg
Stacy Walsh


I started practicing yoga at home through tapes and books many years ago.

Eventually I got courageous enough to try it in a class setting and I was immediately hooked. I then began training for my 200 hour certification at The Yoga School for Therapeutics and completed the certification process in March of 2015. I have also completed the KCYTT program in 2016.

Prior to becoming a yoga instructor, I worked as a registered nurse around the Kansas City area for 10 years. My focus in nursing was primarily pediatrics and women's health. Practicing and training in yoga has been a wonderful compliment to my previous nursing training and I have felt and seen the many health benefits of yoga.

Now my passion is to teach this amazing and healing lifestyle to others! My training has been based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar, as well as workshops with Doug Keller and Paula Tortlano Self. I enjoy focusing on alignment, stamina, and strength building with some longer holds and inversions. Most of all I like everyone to leave their class and step off their mat feeling happy and healthy!

Amber head (1).jpg
Amber Sexton

Amber’s yoga practice began as self-care about 15 years ago to overcome Postpartum Anxiety. She is passionate about using Yoga, breath work, and meditation as a way to promote complete wellness.
Amber balances strength and mobility with the beauty and grace of yoga asanas, and sprinkles in a little bit of playfulness. She loves the adaptability of Hatha, the challenge of Yoga/Pilates Fusion, and the mindfulness of connecting body and mind to breath.

When not on the mat, she enjoys being outdoors, taking walks, going on hikes, kayaking, reading, and spending time with family.

Shane Ledford


Shane had been interested in trying yoga for several years. He was intrigued by its reported meditative benefits, but he thought he would need to be more flexible, have better balance, need more free time, and maybe even lose a few pounds before he could try. Once he tried it out at a Community college class, he began to sense remarkable mental and physical changes within himself, and quickly found Core Balance Yoga Studio.


His yoga practice captivated him so much that he attended 5 to 7 classes a week for over a year. Then, wanting to deepen his practice and understanding, he enrolled in the Kansas City Yoga Teacher Training program where he studied with an amazing kula, completing the 200 hour certification.

Shane is honored to be teaching at Core Balance, his home studio that has benefited him so greatly.  His teaching is gentle, basic, and meditative. He asks his students to “just breathe,” and be mindful and present in their practice. His passion is to hopefully pass on the transformative benefits of yoga that were given to him.

cindy head shot cby.jpg
Cindy Davis


Cindy’s yoga journey began in 1999, on the aerobics floor of a busy health club.  Though she wanted to love it, her first experiences were a lot more like childbirth than she had hoped, and she tried to embrace the discomfort and breathe.  The healthclub closed, and she continued to explore yoga on her mat at home, beginning to find ease in the poses, before a wrist fracture sidelined her practice, and she explored other healthful practices, like walking, for nearly a decade. Eventually, she made her way back to her yoga mat in 2012, and completed the 200 hour Kansas City Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. She uses her yoga practice to counterbalance a stressful and busy “real life” job.

Cindy believes that yoga is for Every Body, and strives to offer a class that allows both novice and seasoned yogis to explore their range of motion in a playful environment.  She encourages participants to challenge themselves, but to always listen to their bodies and to take modifications to stay safe and injury-free.  

jan head 22 NEW.jpg
Jan Sumner

Jan’s introduction to yoga began in 1986, when she participated in a three week program called “Health  for Life” at Kripalu Yoga Center located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  After surviving a life changing burn injury in 1983, she went through a lot of rehabilitation, many surgeries, and experienced a wide range of emotions.  Jan believes yoga saved her life and has taught her many things:  that true beauty does come from within, that yoga was her pathway to self-love, and the miracle to her physical healing.  Jan stayed at Kripalu and assisted with the program that changed her life.  In 2020, Jan became a certified Mindfulness Teacher through Midwest Alliance  for Mindfulness and in 2021, Jan received her certification as a Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher.  This year in  April of 2022, Jan completed a six month Women's Feminine Embodiment Program called ‘Beauty Unleashed’.

 Jan is very committed to her own personal growth, peace, and evolution.  She is dedicated to helping others awaken to a greater self-love through yoga and meditation. She believes connection to our breath is one of the most important tools to our yoga practice. She believes finding stillness, feeling serenity, and building strength through yoga has helped her develop a greater consciousness and deeper connection to her body, mind, and spirit.

angie head shot cby.jpg
Angie Gard

I started my yoga practice in a gym setting 15 years ago ,to stretch out after my real work out and soon discovered the physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga. After 10 years of seeing how yoga helped me maintain a healthier lifestyle and manage the challenges life can send our way I wanted to help share this with others and took the 200 hour training they Kanas City teacher training in 2016,I enjoy teaching at 3 different studios and I also teach at 3 different hospitals to yogis battling cancer, I find so much strength, courage and motivation in every class I attend whether I’m a student or teacher.

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