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-Arrive at LEAST 5 minutes prior to class start time. The door will be locked at the start of class to avoid disruptions.

– Remove your shoes and socks at the door. We ask you remove shoes immediately upon arrival and put them in the wire cubbies by the door. There are larger cubbies for coats and bags once you come inside. Turn off your phone ringer, or switch to airplane mode before class begins and place in the cubbies. Please do not talk on your phone in the studio before or after class.

-Phones and electronic devices are to be left outside the studio room in storage cubbies.  We discourage Smart watches also, as they can provide a tremendous distraction to you and others. Be in the NOW! Bags are also not permitted in the studio space. Please leave them out front. We will lock the door to ensure their safety.

-We ask that both men and women wear shirts during class. Tank tops are appropriate.

-Check in at the front desk prior to every class and make sure you are signed in and your account is up to date (not everyone working the desk may know your name so please give your name at check-in).

-Make space for students who arrive after you. It’s good Karma!

-Keep chatting low, as some students prefer to meditate prior to class. 

-If you must leave class early, inform the teacher beforehand and please make every effort to do so quietly and quickly.  We try to end class on time whenever possible. We respect your time.

-Read your newsletters! They contain valuable information regarding class schedules and events. We try to only include relevant information. LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook.  We post lots on information you won't see elsewhere.

-Please treat studio props with reverence and replace them the way you found them. It’s part of your yoga practice!

What are the benefits of a yoga practice?

-There are myriad benefits to yoga, with some of the most notable physical benefits being an increase in flexibility, strength and muscle tone. What most people notice after beginning yoga is a decrease in stress, irritability and tension. Yoga is a wonderful gift to your mind, body and spirit. See for yourself! The benefits are limitless.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

-Yes!  While we do have ‘house mats’ for first time students to borrow, if you are coming to more than one class, it's best to get your own mat. This shows dedication to your practice, and is more sanitary. If you do borrow a mat, please spray it clean after class. 


Do I need to reserve a spot for class?

-YES! Due to COVID, space for IN STUDIO classes is very limited. For ZOOM class, you will receive a link to join the class in your confirmation email after you reserve your spot. For in-person, come in at LEAST 5 minutes prior to class time to get signed and settled in. We discourage you from coming in after the start of class time, as we may be doing a centering or meditative practice and late arrivals are disruptive. For your first visit, arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class time. Bring a mat, water and a smile!  We use Mindbody Online so please schedule and plan ahead. 

**If you have already been in for a class and then later create a profile, the system may ask ‘is this you’? If yes, choose that profile so you don’t create an extra, new one.

If you have a Groupon, send us an email with your Groupon info and we will enter it so you may book classes. You will need to set up a profile in Mindbody HERE.  Arrive at least 10-15 prior to the start of class. You may upgrade that pass to our New Student special after class on your first visit only.

Which class is right for me?

-Take a moment to peruse the class descriptions. Yoga Basics and Gentle Yoga are wonderful places to start! Yoga Flow and Dynamic are considered mixed-level with options for ease or challenge given.

Can I observe a class or wait in the front for my friend?

-No. You may either join the class and do what you can, or if you are giving a yoga student a ride, you may pick them up after class ends.  This policy is for the safety and security of our teachers, students and their belongings as well.  This is also why we lock our front door during practice, and why we suggest you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class.

I feel too inflexible/overweight/old/embarrassed to try yoga. Can I still do it?

-We understand that it can be difficult to begin a new physical practice. Everything about yoga is geared to honoring where your body is right now. We do everything we can to suspend judgement and to encourage each and every person. This environment is a safe place to grow and learn. Some people who still have concerns find that having one or two private sessions prior to coming to a class is quite helpful.

What if a class is cancelled for weather/holidays?

-Since we use Mindbody Online, our online schedule is live-updated. Look ahead on the class schedule for holiday classes (and read your newsletters!). Since we are now doing ZOOM classes, IN PERSON classes may sometimes be cancelled, but most likely ZOOM will still happen! Check online if there is any doubt. We also updates our Facebook Page with these updates as well (we recommend under 'Liked' on our page, then choose 'See First' so you don't miss updates). For evening and weekend classes during inclement weather, check the online schedule for cancellations before you leave for class. We will always try to cancel 1 hour in advance whenever possible.

What is the minimum age for regular classes?

-Each child is different, but as a general rule, 12+ is our minimum age. If you feel your child under the age of 12, but over the age of 9 can conduct themselves well (like the adults in class), let them have a try! We will be frank with you if we feel they aren’t ready for an adult class. We may on occasion have a series or workshop geared just for younger yogis and those age ranges and costs will be listed on the event descriptions.


What if I leave an item behind or lose it?

-We are not responsible for lost or missing items, but we will do what we can to reunite you with your stuff!  Items left behind will be donated to a local charity after 30 days. Mats left for more than 2 weeks will be added to our 'loaner mat' pile.


Does Yoga promote a particular religion or lifestyle?

-Yoga does not promote any type of dogma and you are not required to commit to a particular lifestyle to do yoga. We encourage each person to explore their own path! You may find that as you practice more yoga, you naturally feel inclined to be more mindful of what you put into your body and how you treat your body, mind and spirit!

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