What are the rooms like?

The rooms are anywhere from 10-40 feet off the ground. They are incredibly sturdy and well built. Some are on stilts, and a few are in trees. You have incredible views of the jungle foliage.

The room has privacy curtains, a comfortable bed with a mosquito net around it, a locking chest for your valuables, and towels for bathing that are not to be taken off-property. Rain will not enter your room, but you may see an occasional tiny lizard!

If you plan on having food in your room, bring a sealing container to keep it in.All rooms have bathrooms attached to or just nearby the Tree House.

Do the rooms have electricity?

Yes. There is a 110v electrical outlet in each room. Please refrain from bringing or using large appliances as you may overload the circuit. We recommend lots of headbands and hats!  We will sport 'adventure hair' while on retreat!

The outlets are located at the foot of the bed and on one of the posts on the outside of the banister facing the jungle. We are on the grid of the nearby village and the power does cycle on and off.  You will be able to charge your phone to take plenty of pictures, but don't plan to rely on the outlet for much more than that.  Let your hair go au naturale! Headbands & hats are your friend :)

What are the bathrooms like?

Our bathrooms at the Dominican Treehouse Village are simple, clean, and a hot shower will never be more than a short 20 second walk from your treehouse. Each bathroom has a large shower, toilet, and sink. All treehouses now have an attached bathroom but most do not have hot water.  Hot showers are nearby the rooms. It's like summer camp for adults!

Is there internet available at the Tree House Village?

We do not have internet available for guests to use on the property, but there is a small Wi-Fi cafe just outside the property, about a 5-minute walk away. You can use this to check messages and check-in with family, though it’ll probably be a little slow for anything requiring a lot of data. Getting your Netflix fix in will probably have to wait until you get back home. There is a fee to access their WiFi.  We strongly recommend you UNPLUG during this trip.  DTHV's number can be shared with friends/relatives if someone needs to contact you.

Will my cell phone work in the area?

⁃ In town, there is cell phone coverage (extra charges may apply – call your carrier to get an international plan before traveling to save money). Sometimes as we go through town to excursions, you may get a few minutes of connection.
⁃ At the Tree House Village, there are a couple of pockets of coverage depending on the weather. Cell phone coverage is not reliable at the Tree House Village.
⁃ On excursions, cell phone coverage is hit and miss. 

Will it be SAFE to travel to the DR? I've heard things...

Sadly, crime happens everywhere, but the DTHV goes above and beyond to ensure their guest's safety.  The tourist incidents that have made the news have taken place about 5 hours away from Samana, where we will be located. There is a locking chest in your room and the property has night guards on duty to keep everyone safe while they sleep.  One of the benefits of DTHV is that they are not located in a high crime, populated area, but rather an area near a local fishing village.  Fewer tourist areas=fewer opportunists looking to take advantage. We do excursions as groups, so unless you need some alone-time, there is never a friend or helpful employee very far away. We encourage everyone traveling anywhere to exercise reasonable caution as you would normally.

If you wish for additional in-room security for money and passports, small lock boxes can be brought from home and are very portable. HERE is an example we like!

How do meals work

A hearty Breakfast and Dinner are served buffet-style at the restaurant each night with a variety of options to satisfy different tastes.

Everything is fresh and hand-prepared.

Lunch is usually served either at our partner restaurant at the beach or while out on one of our all-day excursions.

If you have special dietary needs, we can cater to most alternative diets. Please just let the front desk know upon arrival so that they are aware and can accommodate you during your stay.

How does all-inclusive work?

Water and soda is complimentary for all, but yoga retreat participants also get unlimited access to Rum drinks served at our bar. Beer, Wine, and Specialty drinks are not included with any package but can be purchased at an additional cost. Alcohol consumed off-property (such as the beach) is not included.

Breakfast and Dinner are included for all tree house guests, for Lunch all-inclusive guests need to make sure to pick up vouchers for our partner restaurant from the front desk each day.

Do I need to worry about bugs or mosquitoes?

We’ve got a large collection of bottles of bug spray that people have left with us, surprised by the lack of bugs and mosquitoes that they were expecting to find here. We are in the jungle so I definitely can’t guarantee you won’t see the occasional beetle, lizard, or snail, but there really are virtually no mosquitoes and there are a few things that contribute to this and the general lack of bugs:
– We have a large population of fruit bats that eat mosquitoes and moths and keep insect levels low
– There is no standing water at the project
– All of the rooms and the main areas are elevated high above the jungle floor
– We regularly fumigate with an organic spray

All of our beds have a mosquito net over the beds to keep out bugs at night, this is more for peace of mind more than anything else.

Although you should be completely comfortable and mosquito-free while at the project, it may be still useful to bring some repellent for while out and about on tours or exploring other areas.

What is the service project?

DTHV is located near a fishing village.  Prior to the trip, we will work with the DTHV to determine what the local residents need most. Maybe it will be an afternoon of house painting, school improvements or something similar.  Your participation is voluntary, of course.  Prior to our departure we will send out a SignUp genius in case some supplies are needed from the US.  They always needs school supplies and over-the-counter medicines as well! We reserved a carry-on to bring supplies down, and then take souvenirs home!

Is this a yoga intensive?

No!  It is a relaxing retreat that includes yoga.  All classes will be considered mixed-level and all yoga, excursions and outings are optional to all students.  You can bring a non-yogi with you as well.  There is plenty to do around the property!

When should I buy my airfare?

We suggest keeping an eye on pricing near the 4-6 month mark for travel.  Prices do fluctuate.  If you choose an airport other than SDQ or travel dates outside of the retreat dates, you will be responsible for your own ground transport.  Once you have secured airfare, we will need your flight info.  Please email it to corebalanceyoga@gmail.com.  We strongly recommend travel insurance.

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