Level 1: Great for new students. Slower paced class.

Level 2: Comfortable with the basic poses. Ready to learn more.

Level 3: Good grasp of poses and proper alignment. Not appropriate for new students.


Yoga Basics


Yoga Basics is a great option for newer yogis or yogis who wish to maintain a strong foundation.  It’s a great way to learn and ask questions. This class is perfect for all levels and will cover a wide variety of topics, including some yoga philosophy and postural alignment.  Level 1+ class.

Yoga Flow


Yoga Flow is a wonderful combination of static yoga postures, and flowing postures, such as Sun Salutations. It is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Perfect for all levels, as options for ease or advancement are given in many of the postures. *Friday Flow is a similar format. Level 1/2+ class.


Heated Slow Flow


This class will take place in a heated room (not exceeding 90 degrees) and is a wonderful way to combine movement, mindfulness and warmth into a moving meditative class.  This class is great for all levels.  Dress to be warm, and feel free to bring a towel and ample water.  Level 1+ class.

Stress Relief Yoga


This is a gentle practice designed to erase the busy-ness of the day and leave you feeling relaxed, re-charged and centered.  Great for all levels.  Level 1 class.

Gentle Yoga


Gentle Yoga & Meditation is wonderful way to stretch, renew and restore. This class is ideal for those who wish for a milder practice and is also wonderful for athletes, those recovering from injury and expectant mothers with the OK of their physicians. Be good to your body and try Gentle Yoga! This class includes a 10 minute meditation during some evening times slots.  

Level 1+ class.


Yoga with Weights 


Yoga with Weights is still YOGA..but we're adding in an element to help build strength, endurance and bone density.  Yoga postures will be performed with 3 lb. weights (it gets heavy fast!)  This will be a similar format to stretch and flow, with the addition of weights.  Come and try it for yourself!  You may also bring your own weights if you would like to. Please pre-register as space is limited for this class due to the quantity of weights the studio has. Level 1+ class.

Mindful Yin Yoga

This is a gentle, slower-paced class focusing more on low back and hips with no standing poses.  It is a nice compliment to other styles of yoga in that poses are held for a longer time allowing for a deeper and restorative stretch.  Since there is not much movement, Yin is a wonderful opportunity to focus on stillness of the body and mindfulness of the mind. 

 Level 1+ class.

Dynamic Flow


Dynamic Flow (vinyasa) class is perfect for the practitioner that has a solid understanding of and is comfortable with the foundations of a flow yoga class. This style of yoga is more dynamic in both pace and strength. Be prepared to build heat and endurance as poses are generally linked together and build on one another. Beginners may join but come with an open mind and be ready to sweat. Level 2-3 class.  

Core Yoga 6:00AM Lakewood.  Tues/Thurs.


In Core Yoga you will have a dynamic blend of yoga movements that increases core strength, balance, and flexibility, while being easy on the mind and the joints. This practice provides an incredible mind/body experience that will focus on your core and completely transform your body! Strength is the FOCUS and Balance is the KEY. Transform your body and exhilarate your mind at the same time. From beginner to advanced, each class is designed for most levels. Plus, there are modifications that allow you to keep going when things get tough. Activate your body and stimulate your muscles! Level 1/2+ class.

Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy: Join us and learn techniques through breath work, postures and meditation. Yoga Therapy can help your physical and mental health and create a sense of peace and well-being. We dive deeper into how yoga can help all of your physical systems such as cardiovascular, digestive and nervous system, as well as your mental health.  Level 1+ class.

Stretch & Flow


This class is a nice blend of flowing yoga movements and deeper stretches.  It's blend of yin & yang to create balance and harmony within the body!  Level 1+ class.



This class is a nice blend of flowing yoga movements and deeper stretches.  It's blend of yin & yang to create balance and harmony within the body!  Level 1+ class.


Try a new way to reset in the middle of your week!  Gentle/Nidra will be a new set up of Gentle Yoga class with 30 minutes devoted to creating space in the body and 30 minutes of deep meditation called Nidra (defined as yoga sleep).   The first half of class we will spend our time on gentle movements and breathing techniques designed to relax the body and mind.  Next we will invite a deep mediation with props to maximize comfort and guided imagery to enhance the peaceful experience.  A great way to refresh in the middle of your week! Level 1+ class.  Great for beginners!

Blissful Restorative Yoga (workshop format)


Restorative Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga which focuses on relaxing the muscles and body tissue so that a state of deep relaxation and healing occurs within the body. Its intention is to release rather than to strengthen as the other yoga styles do. There is a flow between gentle stimulation and gentle relaxation and the postures are done in a meditative state so that the body can recover from the effects of stress.


There is never any sense of strain in Restorative Yoga. The idea is for it to be a self-healing process for you. You never have to fit your body to perfect a posture, just adapt the posture until it is the perfect pose for you. You relax, you revive, and then you thrive.


If you own your own yoga bolster, please email to reserve a spot rather than booking online.

Space is limited and reservations are required. $20 per session for each participant. See the Events tab for upcoming dates. All levels welcome!  


Heated Flow (once a month, second Sundays at Lakewood 10:00AM-11:30AM)


Heated Flow yoga is a phenomenal way to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and purge toxins from the body. This is a mixed levels class and more upbeat than Heated Slow Flow, so you choose the intensity of each pose for your own body. Emphasis will be on breath and finding your own practice. Bringing water and a towel is recommended. Led by Tim Glover. Level 2+




Yoga Lees Summit Independence Blue Springs Raintree Lakewood
Yoga Lees Summit Independence Blue Springs Raintree Lakewood
Yoga Lees Summit Independence Blue Springs Raintree Lakewood
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