New to Yoga or New to CBY?  

***If you have a Groupon deal, just print it off and bring it to your first class to get

registered.  We must activate it at the studio. Arrive at least 10-15 prior to the start

of class. You DO NOT need to pre-register.

Reminder: the New Student deal is the BEST PRICE and if you bought a Groupon, you

may upgrade to the New Student deal during your first visit. Ask at the studio for details.


Why Core Balance Yoga? What makes you different?

Not all yoga is created equally! Our highly trained, experienced staff of yoga leaders are focused on safety and alignment, not showing off for each other. ANYONE can begin a safe practice with us. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or BRAND NEW to yoga, our teachers will guide you to modify this practice to be right for YOUR body. Still not sure? Use our CONTACT page to schedule a phone or Zoom call to chat about your needs and goals specifically. We can't wait to help you on your yoga journey!

Where do I begin?

If you've never tried yoga, first let us say WELCOME! Our studios are inclusive environments for ALL! Don't be nervous...our teachers AND our students are very welcoming and excited to see new faces.

Most new students tend to be most comfortable in a Basic, Gentle, Therapy, Stress Relief or Heated Yin class. These are all slower paced and geared for beginners as well as those wishing for a slower-paced class. Once you get comfortable with some of the poses and you begin to build some strength and confidence, you'll be ready for just about any class on the schedule. Feel free to challenge yourself as soon as you feel ready!

How do I get started?

Due to our limited class sizes, we ask ALL people to pre-register. If you have a Groupon or are having any issues registering, please CONTACT us for help getting set up. For your first visit, we suggest you arrive about 10 minutes prior to the start of class. We do lock the door at start time so please make sure you arrive early! You will fill out our New Student form (or print off and bring with you!) and we will get you set up.


What do I need?

-Due to COVID, we ask that you bring the items you'll need, including your own mask, yoga mat, soft/fleece blanket, eye pillow (we sell them!) and bring blocks if you have them. We do have some to loan, but we do ask you clean them with a disinfectant wipe after use.

-You may bring water in a container with a lid.

-Many people like to dress in layers so if they get cool or warm, they can add or subtract layers. Wear something you can move freely in, but shirts that are too loose are not ideal for yoga. Yoga pants, sweat pants or longer shorts all work well.

-An open mind! Not everyone in class will be doing the same thing. As we all have different bodies, our practices will all be different as well. It's OK to come out of a pose or take a break at any time. No one will think twice! That is a normal part of everyone's yoga practice. Let go of expectations and do the best you can.

Why the New Student Special?

Habits can take a while to form, and if you do our New Student Special, you will have 8 weeks to meet the different teachers, try the different classes and see what works best for you. Take full advantage of your 8 weeks to see if yoga is a good fit for you.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, please also peruse our Frequently Asked Questions, which can be found HERE. Schedule a call also if you'd like to learn more!

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